Scope of Work

H&T was founded to supply you with all services about pool and spa environment. We believe, that quality makes difference and therefore support you throughout the lifecycle of the pool - from the overall consulting, design, construction, supply and installation, renovation up to maintenance and training.

Consulting and Design

We are working in cooperation with investors, project developers, architects and other contractors on site to ensure that all architectural demands and using purposes are realized with the highest quality and value for money

Supply and Installation

Thanks to our suppliers we always can provide you with the latest technologies for pool and spa. Our engineers are experienced and will use modern best practices to implement those technologies.


The construction of the pool is supervised and performed by a trained and experienced staff. We are using only the best products available.


Whether your swimming pool requires new tiles, better water quality, or even a total renovation, our expert technicians and construction team are capable of renovating and make your existing pool functional, eye-catching and fun.

After Sales

Regular swimming pool maintenance and servicing are essential, both to protect your investment and enhance your enjoyment. Our services also include training and instruction for your pool staff.